Our Mission Statement


Excellence in Learning       Care

Respect       Responsibility       Joy

At Geddington C of E Primary School we are proud of the history of success at our school, its Christian foundation and its position at the heart of our community. Our aim is to add to that legacy, preparing our children to have a full and active role in our modern, dynamic and diverse society. As a  church school we believe in serving all parts of our community and warmly welcome children of all faiths and of none. This is underpinned by our core aims and values:

Excellence in Learning – we aim to enable all our children to make the most of their God given talents. Each child is unique and we want all of our children to do their best and be proud of what they achieve.

We wish our children to not only be knowledgeable but to have the skills of learning that will last them a life-time. Our curriculum is therefore designed to develop the skills of enquiry, adaptability, reflection, teamwork and resilience that are so important in keeping up with our ever changing world.

We work hard to make sure that our children excel in the core skills in English, maths, science and computing. However we want our children to have the broadest possible education and to cherish all aspects of the curriculum.

Care – Jesus told us to ‘love your neighbour’ . We wish our children to understand and demonstrate care and compassion for everyone in our school, the community and wider world. We want our children to understand that each person is valued in their own right and we aim to model that to them.

We encourage our children to put their compassion into action by getting involved in charitable work and being active in the local community.

Respect – we believe we should all grow in respect of the beautiful world God has made and given us to look after with all its different people’s, faiths, cultures and natural beauty.

Together we learn what it is to respect differences in viewpoint and background, understanding that it is these differences that make our society such an interesting and rich place to live.

As an Eco-School, we have great respect for the natural world and believe that we have a responsibility to look after it well. This extends to our property and the building which we share.

We also want our children to respect themselves. To see themselves as important, successful individuals with a right to succeed and be respected by others. We want our children to feel successful and to believe in the talents that they have been given.

Responsibility – we encourage all our children to take responsibility for their actions and to think for themselves rather than following the crowd. We want them to understand why having and following rules is an important part of living and working together. However we also want our children to know that they can have a role in shaping those rules, through the democratic process embodied in our school council which is a central part of life in the school.

Being responsible also extends to the way we learn. We wish our children to be independent learners – able to find things out for themselves and able to motivate and discipline themselves to achieve their best.

Joy– we want our school to be a happy, secure place for our children where they can experience the joy of learning and helping other learn. We want our children to know the fun that comes through growing and playing together.

We believe that joy is at the centre of the Christian faith. We want people everyone who comes into our school to know that joy that is found in being a community that supports each other,  serves each other and helps each other thrive.