School Governors

Geddington C of E Primary School Governing Body

Governor Governor Type Term of Office Appointed By Recorded Pecuniary Interests


Personal Relationship with staff/pupils
Start End
Mr Martin Adamson Head 01.01.14 None No
Mr Ken Hennah Co-Opted 21.09.17 20.09.21 Governing Body None Yes
Ms Siobhan Sheridan Co-Opted 21.09.17 20.09.21 Governing Body None Yes
Mr Bruce Collett Co-Opted 12.07.18 11.07.22 Governing Body None Yes
Mr Ralph Beresford Co-Opted 11.07.19 10.07.23 Governing Body
Mrs Catherine Parris Parent 26.11.16 25.11.20 Parent Elected None Yes
Mr James Mclean Parent 12.12.17 11.12.21 Parent Elected None Yes
Mrs Sharon Fisher Staff 10.10.18 09.10.22 Staff Elected No No
Revd. Gillian Gamble Foundation 21.03.19 20.03.23 Diocese
Mr Jim Rae Foundation 18.12.17 17.12.21 Diocese  None No
Mr Richard Norman Foundation 23.12.16 22.12.20 Diocese None Yes
Mr Jack Harker Local Authority 22.06.17 21.06.21 Local Authority None Yes
Mrs Jane Rowley

Mrs Louise Hunt

Associate member

Associate Member





Governing Body

Governing Body





One Governor has a role in another educational institution

Individual Governor Roles

Chair                                      Mr Ken Hennah

Vice                                        Ms Siobhan Sheridan

Lead Finance Governor         Mr James Mclean

Safeguarding Governor         Ms Siobhan Sheridan

Lead Premises Governor      Mr Jim Rae

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