Sports Funding

At Geddington School, we believe that every child has the right to access high quality PE and sports provision, to enable them to lead healthy and active lives throughout their childhood. In line with the government’s PE premium strategy for all primary schools, we receive additional funding to support our provision of PE and sports; in 2015/16 we once again received £8830.

In 2015/16 we are aiming to continue developing our extra-curricular provision in line with the parent -survey outcomes from last year. Having evaluated the progress that we made last year, we targeted providing a more structured approach so that the sports provision was more consistent enabling skills to be developed overtime. We therefore linked the Sports Funding with Geddington University to enable a regular programme to be developed. Just under 70% of KS2 children accessed this provision at a cost of £4,500

Additionally, across the year the school used the funding to:

    • Establish a netball squad which took part in a number of competitive matches and competitions. New posts and equipment was purchased to facilitate this.
    • We held a specialist athletics day in conjunction with Kettering Harriers, including the provision of coaches and sports leaders, hire of track and facilities.
    • Participate in football, cricket and tag-rugby competitions.
    • Join the Kettering Sports Partnership to access coaching and further across school competition in 2016/17.
    • Establish lunchtime activities through an outside provider and additional lunchtime staff.

In 2016/17 we wish to:

  • Further increase the participation in competitive sport.
  • Increase activity rates for children who do not attend out of school activities.
  • Maintain our current after school provision.
  • Provide training opportunities for staff, including lunchtime supervisors, to increase expertise.

To do this we will:

  • Join the Kettering Sports Partnership – this will enable us to participate in regional competitive events and give access to staff training opportunities both onsite and at other centres – £2000.
  • Introduce lunchtime activity sessions, run by Premier Sports. Two afternoons per week will cost £1330.
  • Continue with after school clubs run by Premier Sports to be matched to competitive events on the Sports timetable – £3000.
  • Host the Key Stage 2 sports day at Kettering Harriers and provide badges for all participants – £900
  • The remaining money will be used to develop school resources in terms of staff training and sports equipment and to facilitate one off events as and when the need arises.

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